About Us

about us

Amanda Looker and Chelsy Carli came to know each other as sister-in-laws. Chelsy was born and raised in the Puyallup area and is married with two young children. Chelsy has maintained a passion for health, exercise, and teaching for many years. Chelsy currently teaches R.I.P.P.E.D and yoga. Amanda grew up not too far away in Kent and moved to Puyallup after she married Chelsy's brother. Amanda also has two young children. Like Chelsy, Amanda shares that same health passion, but excels and enjoys the business/legal realm. Amanda worked as a paralegal for many years.

Chelsy and Amanda have been working out together for quite some time now. They were constantly talking about one day maybe owning their own studio. After Chelsy and Amanda discovered hot yoga, they knew they had to follow through with their studio idea. Amanda and Chelsy wanted to open a hot yoga studio that would provide people the opportunity to combine their hot yoga with other different types of exercises, all in one convenient location. With Chelsy's expertise in fitness/instructing and Amanda's business/legal knowledge, it gives them great pleasure to present to you, Prana Hot Yoga & Body Sculpt!